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Mixed Media on Linen Paper

Silent Daydream, 2014

Mixed Media

Small progress

Ever feel the sudden urge to draw every single ideas in your mind while planning to finish them all in just a week? Well it’s been half a week now and this is the only one who ended up getting inked. My wips are pilling up right now and I wish I could finish them but I often get tired of them, ha. Hopefully this one gets finished :)

Small progress for the day, it’s midterms week and I need to study a lot of stuff ><”

So our midterm exam for our 2D class is a character walk cycle animation, hopefully i could finish this now since I spent a few days procrastinating and this needs to get pass tomorrow haha

Also I’m kinda tired using this character, our prof made us create our own character on our first week of class and we gotta animate throughout the whole sem, kinda wish he didn’t made it like that but oh well, this is a challenge and i gotta learn it!

takethesetears inquired do you make any money off your art?

Sadly no :/ No one seems to be interested in commissions, though even if there would be some I’m really busy in college as for now. 

some character design that I did yesterday

Finished Inking, time to color it!

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